Automatically focus on input using Refs in Typescript/React

My brain is quite small, and absorbs information about as well as a rock absorbs water. As a result, it requires lengthy, comprehensive, example-filled explanations of concepts before new ideas stick. This is one such explanation.





The custom hook

The hook:

import { useRef, useEffect } from "react"export const useFocus = () => {
const ref = useRef<HTMLInputElement>(null)

useEffect(() => {
return ref }

The hook being used in a component like so:

export const NewItemForm = () => {
const [text, setText] = useState("")
const inputRef = useFocus()
return (
onChange={e => setText(}

The explanation:

  • Looking at the second code-block, we are using the custom hook useFocus as the ref of the rendered Input
  • From the first code block, we see that what useFocus returns is a ref that has been focused
  • So, we could think of this trick as the following command: “Create a ref that has been focused, and now make the ref of this input DOM element be that focused ref. Therefore the input is now focused”



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